Wix Website Builder Review

Wix Website Builder

Wix is a free-hosted web-based website builder that is easy to use. However, it has its cons as well as its pros. Read below our full review.
This is a quick & simple review of the free hosted web-based website builder Wix as used to build the website - Wix - A Review.

Wix is a free hosted web-based drag and drop website builder that is built for graphic designers. Below is an account of my personal experience with the WIX web-based website builder when making a simple example website.

Wix is a popular and fairly simple-to-use drag-and-drop free hosted web-based website builder. What makes it different from Weebly however is Wix has enabled a drag and drop of anything anywhere with pixle perfect positioning. In other words, even in using a prebuilt theme or pre-defined section layouts, you are not stuck inside of a redefined box with predefined layouts. However, like any theme (as well as the web-based website builder), there is a learning curve to figuring out how to make what you want look good - particularly on different device widths. Bottom line - even with a builder like Wix, there is always a learning curve to the quirks of the builder as well as the theme chosen.

Templates - WIX templates are available. Even if a blank template is used, you can add sections with predefined layouts. In this case, the WIX Editor with a blank surface was used (as opposed to an ADI generated theme) so that I could make it exactly how I want. No predefined layouts used even though they were available. The result? Something clean, simple, elegant - typical of what is to be expected of a website today. However, there are many quality templates available to get you started.

SEO - Page specific titles, descriptions and keywords are available to customize. H specific paragraph tags are available to choose. Canonical, social media and schema tags are auto generated as is robots.txt file and htaccess file for server optimization. However, the htaccess file is not customizable. And of course one can add Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools via settings.

downside to using a free hosted web-based website builder (in addition to needing to use a theme) is that from an optimization standpoint for page speed, capabilities are limited. Custom server optimization is not possible via htaccess file. In addition, if you ever become dissatisfied with the host from a support or customer service standpoint, or if they go out of business, you're stuck as it cannot be moved to another without rebuilding it from scratch.

upside is it is free hosted, and can be managed via the web. WIX also has lots of visually appealing objects and pre-defined section layouts to choose from to help the building speed along. Another plus is that Wix can double as a blogging platform, it is easy to make blog posts, which is good for seo, that can be shared with Facebook, which is also good for seo. For an added fee, you can connect your Wix website to a custom domain name or add other available bells and whistles. Support is always available. Resources: First Steps & Learn to use Wix.

If you are going to build a website, why not build one that is more than just pretty? Why not build one that is worthy of being found via solid on-page seo techniques?Depending on your needs (including maintenance) as well as budget, I can most likely build for you a custom website that can look almost exactly like your favorite Wix template but is more technically sound in terms of on-page seo and html errors. Either I can maintain the website for you or show you how to via my affordable desktop software. You can read the full review here for more info on this tool. Contact me for more information.

Stay tuned for a review of WIX's newest platform - Editor X.

Rob Shurtleff
The Website Guy