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Website Builder Reviews

Welcome to our website builder review page. Here you'll find our personal experience with various free hosted web-based website builders used to build real websites. Here we try to not overwhelm you with a long-winded comprehensive review of every single bell and whistle nor every pro and con nor a lengthy list of tips and tricks on how to use each website builder. Rather, we simply provide real-world comparative results in terms of on-page search engine optimization. While there are a myriad of free hosted web-based website builders out there, we chose to only focus on what we think are the best in terms of responsive web design, modern templates, quality code and of course popularity. Below are current reviews for our favorites. Stay tune for more.
We have tested and used a variety of website builders and our favorite by far is a desktop (not web-based) program to be downloaded to your computer called WYSIWYG Web Builder. The reason we love it so much is because of it's affordability, power, versatility, and flexibility. That is to say we can drag and drop modern objects anywhere onto the page with pixel perfect accuracy (or use the layout grid for quicker / cleaner layouts) and it generates modern correct W3C compliant code expected of today's mobile-friendly websites. We feel the best part is that even though this is a desktop program and not a web-based website builder or content management system, the website is already "backed up" on the desktop and as such is not tied to any specific server or host. Even with CMS programs like WordPress, to change hosts you must first download all of the files and then reupload to another host - not neccessary with WB.

Security of the web-based product is also to be taken into consideration - especially with WordPress. It is because WordPress is so popular among website designers, that it is also so popular to hack. To prevent this unscrupulous action takes an act of congress and rocket scientists to implement effectively and properly. Simply put - I've found a better way - wall up the back-door (web-based CMS to manage the website) and render it useless.

No matter the program chosen, the learning curve can be quite steep no matter how "easy" they say it is. If you have chosen one of the above website builders and need a little help, give us a call.
Training provided at $70 / hour.

Bottom line, when it comes to building your business, there are things you cannot outsource to others, and there are things that you can. Building websites is one of the things that you can - and should. You have better things to do than tinker with the learning curve of yet another program - like a website builder. Call me - I’m here for you. If you have used any of the above website builders, tell us about it.
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