TWG New Client Website Design Survey - Lino Lakes MN

New Client Survey

The better we know you, the better we can serve you

If you built your own website, how was your experience? Feel free to call us at (651) 398-2379 or email us.

Have you recommended us on Facebook, Google Maps, or The Better Business Bureau as well? We'd love it if you did.

Thank you.
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1. How did you hear about us? What website or what keyword used to find us in Google?
2. What services are you looking for? List all that apply: website design, website maintenance, on-going seo, local sem, social media profiles, social media maintenance, other directory listings, content marketing, pay per click management, monthly seo reports, other.
3. Please tell us more about your company:
4. Please describe your company in a short paragraph. Please include who you are, what you do, and why choose you over your competition. What is your unique selling point?
5. Please give your domain and hosting information.
6. What pages would you like for your website? Home, About, Products / Services, Testimonials, Contact, Other (Blog, Links, FAQ, etc.).
7. Please tell us what you are looking for in terms of design.
8. What technology would you like to be included in your website? Slideshow, Carousel, MP3 Audio, YouTube Video, Contact forms, Google Calendar, Translation, Social Media Links, Share This, News Feed, Blog, E-Commerce, Paypal / Square Links, Site Search, Chat, Other.
9. Final questions...
10. Is there anything else we need to know to move forward with this project?
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Notes on what else you can expect from me:

The above form will be used as a starting point to build your site. We'll also research your competition for inspiration. If need be, we'll call or email for clarification of certain items or additional information that is needed.

We'll send a screenshot of the home page to make sure we are going in the right direction. If all looks good, we'll continue with the rest of the pages. Once the initial draft is complete, we will email you with a link to where the temporary site resides for pre-approval. We understand it is easier to change what you can see than what you cannot. If the site is not what you imagined, don't panic. Simply let us know what changes need to be made and we'll make the changes - if within reason and our abilities.

Any time spent generating content, looking for copyright-safe stock photography, or long meetings to go over the website may be subject to our hourly rate ($70) of over-and-above what is generally accepted. Simply understand it is not our goal to charge you as much as possible nor is it our goal to simply give you what you want. Rather it is our goal to go over and above and give you what you deserve - our very best at a rate that is affordable as well as fair to both sides. All that we ask is that you work with us, not against us.

At some point early in this process, we'll need to verify you have a domain name and hosting secured. We can set this up for you if need be. We'll just need a credit card to place on file as well as access to your gmail (Google) account info to set these accounts up in your name. If you already have an account for your domain and host, we'll need this info so we can set up / optimize hosting. Having this info allows us to do our jobs more effectively, but a minimum, we need "cPanel" and/or "FTP" login account info to upload the files.

We love it when websites are approved within 2 rounds of revisions and published within 30 days of answering this questionnaire. Upon final approval (hopefully within 30 days of initial contract), the site will be published to the host of your choice (usually within 24 hours after receipt of final payment / final approval) under your own account (again - we will need this account info from you), rendered "live" and then it is ready to market. Additional changes can be made up to 14 days after publish - no extra charge.

Ask about our website maintenance services including annual website updates - Cost = $70 / hour or annually as required.

Once the site is live, we'll use your Google account info to set up Google Analytics (traffic), Google Webmaster Tools (SEO), and a Google My Business Maps Listing (local). 

All 3rd party accounts (or claimed profile listings), free or paid, will be signed up for as - you the client. Such accounts may include domain registrar, hosting, on-going seo, social media, reputation management, paid advertising, or any others as requested. Contact email will be and will forward to us. We will need your Google account login info for plus, maps, analytics and webmaster tools so you own this info as well. We promise to not read your personal email. This is so that you remain in control of those accounts. We will of course get permission prior to signing up for any paid accounts.


Please note - final approval rests with you the owner to ensure your new website looks and says what they want it to. As business owner, you the client are responsible for final say on all content of the website and to ensure it is your own for authorized use. Be advised, any change in website structure may result in a change of rank for the website - higher or lower. We are not responsible for any change in rank and subsequent loss of business due to this change. It will take time (up to a year) for true ranking to be reflected accurately. With that being said, we will do all it can to get the site ranked as soon as possible. In addition to on-page seo, additional on-going seo is available to help your site rank quickly. We look forward to connecting the pieces of your online presence.

Thank you for your inquery and the opportunity to design and build your online presence. We'll contact you with any questions, concerns, and of course status updates on how the design is going.