Blog Post - What's In A Name? Make It YOU

What's In A Name?

Make It Memorable, Unique, & Keyword Specific

Your Name IS Your Brand

Your business name should be relevant to who you are and what you do. Make it keyword specific!

So you have a dream of providing a new and / or improved product or service, now what? Why not give it an identity, an image,  a name - but how do you choose? Naming  a new venture is a crucial step in forming  a business. It literally paints a mental picture - the brand - of who the company is as a culture and what value it offers. The only question left is what kind of image are you looking for? More importantly, what kind of image would be best suited to your personality as it pertains to the industry?

Do you want to go with something that is traditional considering the industry (such as naming a CPA firm after your last name)? Do you want a name that is informative (includes a keyword of what you offer and / or where you are located)? Do you want to go with something a little more creative and perhaps incorporate a cute and clever play-on-words? Be careful to not be too specific cornering yourself inside too narrow a target market.

The name should be meaningful and relevant to the target market and connect with them at the appropriate emotional level. It should be easy to remember and pronounce. Most importantly - it should be recognizable in terms of the value that the company offers. Be sure that the name cannot be confused with another brand. A trademark search might be in order at this point - this is for your own protection.

When ready, be sure to officially incorporate your name (or file a Doing Business As - DBA) so that the name is at least protected within your states jurisdiction. A search for your local Secretary of State should help with this.

Now you are ready to use this name to bring a vision and mission into focus. Next comes a logo and website as part of the integrated marketing campaign.

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