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Playing Well with Others

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So to my client - don’t fall for empty promises, scare-mongering or being strong-armed into a new website when the site you have is performing well.

I love website redesigns. All the content is there, as opposed to dragging the client through a long question process to get to know them better – which don’t mind doing at all. Rather, all I have to do, is take the existing content, plus or minus what the client wants, and adapt it to a new design based on what the client likes and does not like. However, one thing I always make a point to do, if I remember, is ask the client “are you in touch with the previous designer?” The answer is inevitably “no” – which is why they are calling me.

Part of what I offer are complimentary website audits and a professional opinion on the design, user experience, and SEO performance of the website. When I get requests for a new design (redesign), and I really don’t see a reason to redesign it (i.e. – room for improvement is slim to none) I am honest with the client and tell them it might not be worth the cost of a complete redesign – rather simply make these tweaks to the on-page SEO (plugins / meta tags etc.) and performance should be improved.

In the past, I have had agencies attempt to poach my clients without my consent. 1 was promised a new website (turned out like crap and I had to fix it), and another was strong-armed into a new website as part of a larger SEO “package” and control. I don't know if they were a referral but at least they were local. I cannot attest as to the performance of the new website, but I can admit, it didn’t look half bad. I thought mine was fine and new enough and didn’t see a reason to change up the design at an additional cost, but the new design wasn’t half bad either. On a side note – I have yet to have the need to “cold-call” for business. God willing, I never will.

Most recently, another client has been approached by (or perhaps they approached) an SEO agency, and somehow the website was made part of the deal. Both sides are still sorting it out in terms of who made that decision. In the end, I am trying to convince both sides of 2 things: 1 – I am more than willing and capable to make any on-page SEO they “deem” as needed, and 2 – if the SEO agency is as good as they say they are, they should be able to adequately do their jobs without the requirement of a new design just to have control over it.

I did look them up on the BBB while writing this post and it yielded interesting results – and I’ll leave it there (no names). Be fore-warned about these types of agencies.

To that end – I do offer basic on-page SEO services as part of any website design as proved by a complimentary website audit report (and / or monthly reports if purchased). I also offer basic, simple, off-page SEO and marketing tips / tricks if you have time as part of a morning / evening routine or I can perform these services if you have no time but a small budget. In addition, I have also partnered with a national SEO agency who can take your online visibility to the next level at an affordable rate if the budget is a bit more.

I am only a phone call away to handle any question, comment, concern or issue you might have.

Rob Shurtleff
The Website Guy