Blog Post - No v Yes And - Rather Than Saying No...

"No" v "Yes - And"

Why Didn't You Just Give Me What I Asked!

Is the customer always right?

Generally, this is true. However, sometimes they deserve more than just want they want.

In today's business, the old adage “the customer is always right” has never been more true. An aspiring entrepreneur wanting to offer a service, let alone a product, needs to understand the importance of long-term relationships with their customers as the secret to sustainable success. Are we obligated to simply deliver what the client wants or are we allowed to actually exceed their expectations?

What about the situations where we want to meet and exceed expectations but cannot (due to lack of ability)? What if there is an opportunity to suggest an alternative that is “better” than what the customer asked for? Are we obligated to simply tell the client “no we can’t” and risk the relationship or do we have the option to tell the client “yes and” offer an alternative that fulfills the root purpose even better? The later runs the risk of irritating the client because what was asked for on the surface (even though the deeper purpose is fulfilled with the alternative) is not being delivered.

I for one hate being told “no” and therefore hates to tell my clients no. If I cannot deliver exactly what was asked for or if I do not feel that what was asked for is in the best interest of the client, I don’t want to say “no”, I’d rather offer that alternative in an attempt to fulfill expectations.

Rob Shurtleff
The Website Guy