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eCommerce Web Design Services

Here at The Website Guy, we offer "secure checkout" ecommerce website design services for small ecommerce websites.

Option 1 - Paypal Links to a 3rd party store: Site built with our desktop site builder. 5 pages + 1 page per product with a paypal button attached to your account. Flat rate tax and shipping can be added to the base price. Cost = $1700 for custom website design + $195 will be added if we set up your 3rd Party Store for you + $70/hour to add products & manage the store. Paypal.

Option 2 - WooCommerce / Stripe via A full fledged CMS based website you can manage is built via (w/o a site builder / theme) and WooCommerce plugin added & connected to the Strype payment provider. Cost = $2450 (base price for WP + set up for store) + $70/hour to add products. More.

Option 3 - Other Web-Based Website Builders such as Weebly (uses SquareUp)SquareOnline, or GoDaddy (uses PayPal): A full fledged CMS based website you can manage is built via the GoDaddy ecommerce website builder & connected to your favorite payment provider. Weebly also connects to SquareUp to create beautiful SEO optimized ecommerce stores.

Square's newest product gives you an ecommerce website without Weebly as a separate product to manage. Try SquareOnline. Cost = $995 for templated website design + $195 to set up for store and $70/hour to add products. Here is an example of what we can do in Square with a free SquareUp template.

Client is responsible to ensure the online store is set up correctly in terms of bank deposits, taxes, shipping rates for physical products.

Ask about how to can market your new store once it is live.

Website Design

Customized, browser tested, uploaded to the host of your choice.


Initial on-page search engine optimization


Website Maintenance & Monitoring (monthly reports - analytics, seo, performance, health)
The pricing shown above is for websites built with your ecommerce website builder of choice (ours,, Weebly, GoDaddy or other. Base price is for the main website pages (home, about, services, reviews, contact). Cost for domain, hosting, set up for store (we will need for financial info), and adding of products are added on at the noted rate. We will need your financial information to set up the store of we can show you how to get in touch with support to set it up on your own. And then when done, we can connect you website to the products as needed based on your choice of builder.

For those not interested in an all-inclusive package above, we have a la carte pricing (5 pages minimum, contact for quote) for responsive website design and
$70 per hour (billed in 15 minute increments) for website maintenance and marketing tasks etc. The initial 1-hour consultation and 1-hour set-up fees are both included in all packages. A non-refundable commitment fee is due prior to the start of your project. The remaining balance (as final approval) is due prior to publishing your website.

Ask about our monthly/annual website maintenance services & website performance reports as well as ongoing SEO packages.