In terms of website design, there are several components. In order for the website to be effective, it must be visually appealing, have a compelling relevant message and call to action, be easy to navigate and find what is looked for, and above all - fast. We build websites with all of this in mind.

These things make a potential visitor like your website more and hopefully convert into contacting you. However, to be found, the search engines must like the website as well. There are certain search engine optimization techniques to implement (both on-page and off-page) to make the search engines like you also. For us these on-page SEO techniques include the following:
Page specific relevant keyword rich Titles / Descriptions / H1 / urls (on-page seo). No keyword stuffing.
Common sense / content relevant keyword research
Addition of robots.txt file (indexability).
Addition of .htaccess file (301 / 404 redirects & page speed).
Addition of canonical tags (duplicate content).
Addition of schema tags are added for SEO purposes
Addition of xml / html sitemap (submission to search engines).
Confirmation of no broken links (internal or external).
Image optimization (page speed).
Implementation of gzip compression (page speed).
Implementation of code for Google Analytics and Bing & Google Webmaster Tools Verification.
Implementation of an SSL certificate for security purposes
Ensuring the website is connected to social media via FB Open Graph tags / Twitter tags and / or Google Plus tags with links to profiles.
Ensuring the website renders correctly in all major browsers including mobile browsers (Apple and Android), IE10 - Edge, Chrome, Firefox & Safari.
Unless handwritten, code is subject to how the tool generates it. This is why The WYSIWYG WB software is by far our favorite.
We employ these techniques to the best of our ability considering the tool used to build this website. Even though properly optimizing a website can be very difficult, there are certain tools to double check and provide suggestions on how to improve as well as hints on how to implement those suggestions. The tools below were used to check our site - Above are the techniques implemented. Below are the results (July 2022):
0 W3C errors
Mobile Friendly per Google
Pingdom Page Speed = 71%
Google Page speed = 99% for desktop & 77% for mobile with 98% in UX (green/yellow lights).
GT Metrix Website Speed & Performance = 100% for Page Speed & 99% for Yslow (green lights), < 2 sec load time, 1.16 MB page size, 46 requests.
Nibbler / Silktide SEO = 89% Overall
Web Page Test = All A's (green lights)
SEO Site Check-up = % (green light)
SEO Optimer = A+
HubSpot Website Grader = % (green light)
WooRank Website Review = % (green light)
The HOTH Website Audit = 86%
Lighthouse = 74%
WebCEO = % optimized for chosen keywords
Link Assistant = 96%
Domain Lookup = optimized
Although we know many on-page and off-page SEO techniques, we are a website design agency, not an SEO agency. We do not claim to be God's gift to search engine optimization. If you wanted to hire an outside SEO agency, we are of course able to work with them to make the appropriate on-page changes they ask for. If there are tweeks to the text, meta-tags, keywords or other snippets of code the agency wishes to make, we will of course make them as it usually does not affect the design of the website. In some cases, we have heard of agencies who will offer a redesign of your site as part of the package. If there are any design changes to the site you wish to make, we only ask for the opportunity to make them for you.

Off-Page SEO includes the constant generation of new content with a link that points back to the website. This is called content marketing and relevant link building. Just so you know, you don't NEED a WordPress website to have a blog. More below...

Depending on your needs (including maintenance) as well as budget, we can most likely build for you a custom website that can look almost exactly like your favorite template but is more technically sound in terms of on-page SEO and html errors. We can even include a blog.

In terms of content marketing and relevant link building to help you again awareness, we'll simply do for you what we've done for ourselves - place a link to your website in relevant places where your clients may be looking for you: social media, forums, local directories like Google Maps, Yelp, Yellow Book / Yellow pages, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau. Let's not forget about other industry specific directories such as Manta, Merchant Circle, Angies List and more.

If you need help with your website, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Contact us for more information.