Blog Post - Best Times to Post to Social Media

Best Times to Post... Social Media

Post at the right time

Timing your social media posts at the optimum time will enhance its visibility to the greatest market.

There are many social media sites available to “build relationships” with. Here is a link to a social media cheat sheet. Each is uniquely geared toward its own specific target market demographic and as such, has a very specific purpose when it comes to marketing and developing customer relationships.

Do you treat each social media network as an individual relationship or do you post to all at once?

Often marketers will connect each social network to each other via Twitter, Hootsuite, or a blog. Even though it is possible to send a post to multiple networks simultaneously, each social network must be nurtured and grown individually.

In an excellent article by Social Media Today, they recap the best and worst times to post to social media:

Facebook: Post 10am - 4pm M - Th
• Twitter: Post 1pm - 3pm M - Th, Avoid posting weekends
• LinkedIn: Post 7am - 9am or 5pm - 6pm, Avoid posting after 3pm Fridays
• Google Plus: Post 9am - 11am M - F, Avoid posting Monday or Friday

If a single post blast is made, some traffic may be lost depending on the social network and when the post was made. Based on when traffic peaks and when it fades, a common target time to make a post to all 4 social networks simultaneously could arguably be Wednesdays at about 9am. Of course you can also set up an experiment whereby you can post on a different day / at a different time each week to see which post gets the most visibility based on your specific target market. On a side note, the same can be true for any classified ads placed online.

The idea is to use social media not to make a hard sell as this will only push potential customers away. Rather, use these powerful tools to showcase your expertise and sell your relevant unique value in a way that does not come across as otherwise pushy. Simply put, if you were a potential customer, what would you want to see on your personal social media feed and how would you want to be treated.

If you would like assistance in building your integrated social media network, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to connecting the pieces of your online presence.

Rob Shurtleff
The Website Guy